Onderscheiding Joke van der Leeuw

Op 29 april werd Joke van der Leeuw-Roord onderscheiden als Officier in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau. Het VGN bestuur feliciteert haar oud voorzitter hiermee van harte.joke_van_der_leeuw

Internationaal persbericht EUROCLIO

On the 29th of April 2009, Ms Joke van der Leeuw-Roord, a European Citizen, has received the Dutch Royal Decoration of Officer in the Order of Oranje-Nassau. This extraordinary honour was awarded by the Mayor of The Hague, Mr. Jozias van Aartsen, on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix, in the presence of Family, Friends and Colleagues. This year only 44 out of the total of 3572 Royal Decorations have received the title of Officer, of which only six were women.

This highly valued and respected acknowledgement is to be seen as a reward for Ms. Van der Leeuw-Roord’s everlasting dedication to National and International History Education. It is however also a clear recognition of the work of EUROCLIO, the European Association of History Educators in which she has been a driving force and inspiration to so many colleagues all over Europe since 1992. The Mayor emphasized her efforts to build bridges between the Academic Research and Educational dimensions of History, and to use these bridges for modernization and democratization of History Education in Europe, especially in the former Communist countries.

After the near collapse of the EUROCLIO Secretariat in the end of 2005, Ms van der Leeuw-Roord often wondered if the influence and positive results of the EUROCLIO projects was at all recognized in society. Together with the EUROCLIO Board and the EUROCLIO Members a new start was realized. The years that followed showed the strength of the Association which resulted in a new series of successful EUROCLIO projects all over Europe. The “Huib de Ruijter”-award given to her by the Dutch History Teachers Association on March 27th 2009, followed by the Recognition of Special Merits by the Estonian History Teachers Association on April 6th 2009, culminating in this high Royal Decoration from the Queen of The Netherlands, testify that her efforts then to keep EUROCLIO’s Secretariat up and running to support the EUROCLIO Association, are today very much acknowledged and highly appreciated. EUROCLIO’s outreach is still increasing.
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