Joegoslavië in de lesboeken

Hoe kun je de oorlog in Joegoslavië in de jaren negentig in schoolboeken behandelen? Euroclio en het ‘Outreach’-programma van het Internationaal Strafhof organiseren hierover een discussiemiddag (van 12:30 tot 17:45) op 30 januari in het Museon in Den Haag. Toegang is gratis, u kunt zich aanmelden voor 25 januari via De uitnodiging luidt als volgt:

On 30 January 2017, The ICTY Outreach Program and EUROCLIO – The European Association of History Educators, will bring together history education practitioners, textbook and curricula experts, members of civil society and active voices within the public debate at the Museon in The Hague. The afternoon will be part of the ICTY legacy dialogues, and will be centered on the question ‘Why should, and how can the wars of the 1990s in the former Yugoslavia be addressed in history education?’

A first panel composed of curricula specialists, formal education experts and textbook developers from the region will discuss the challenges, lessons learned and achievements 25 years after the beginning of the wars. A second panel, co-organised by Pax for Peace, will shift its focus to the case of the Netherlands, and will look into how the case of Srebrenica and Dutchbat has been integrated within Dutch history education. How is this sensitive history being addressed in formal education? What possibilities are there for teachers to integrate it within their lesson plan?

The moderator of the day will be Joke van der Leeuw-Roord, special advisor and founder of EUROCLIO, this year also 25 years ago. The speakers will include: Dr. Chris van der Heijden (Groene Amsterdammer), Dion van den Berg (Pax for Peace), Dr. Marko Suica (University of Belgrade) & Dr. Snjezana Koren (University of Zagreb).

The event will be in English.

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